IMBE/CNRS ‘s team (France)

The Institut Méditerranéen de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie marine et continentale (CNRS-IMBE), established in 2012, aims to develop new approaches for science-based integrated management of biodiversity and cosystems. With 260 staff members organized in 14 research teams, CNRS-IMBE combines basic and applied biological field research with new approaches of modelling ecosystem processes at the continental scale. CNRS-IMBE’s current research potential covers the domains of biodiversity, evolutionary biology and ecology, and human-environment relationships. CNRS-IMBE provides crucial expertise for the monitoring and analysis of biodiversity to local, regional and global stakeholders in the public and private sector. Involving its main developer, Dr Alberte Bondeau, contributes the development and application of the widely recognized terrestrial ecosystem/hydrology model LPJmL, Dr. Cécile Albert contributes to the integration of landscape ecology and land use change modelling, Prof. Wolfgang Cramer contributes the implementation of the model-based approach into the context of ecosystem service assessments. Role of partner in the project: CNRS/IMBE will contribute to all the WP of the project and participate to the co-ordination of WP3.

C. Albert (CNRS), PhD 2009, is working at the interface between functional ecology, landscape ecology and dynamic modelling. She is mainly interested in looking at how landscape changes modify species habitat network. Supervision of doctoral and post-doctoral students: 1 PHD student currently.

A. Bondeau (CNRS), PhD 1992, has a long experience of vegetation modelling. She conducted the first implementation of agriculture within a dynamic global vegetation model. She is a co-leader of the transverse work package “integrated modelling” within the Labex OT-Med where she concentrates on the understanding and the modelling of sustainable agricultural systems in the Mediterranean under global change, using ecosystem services assessment for that purpose (2 post-docs and 2 PhD students
currently working on that topic). 58 Publications.

W. Cramer (CNRS), scientific director of IMBE, PhD 1986, has worked on mechanistic modelling of ecosystems at the regional and global scale throughout his career (120+ publications). More recently, he has focused on interdisciplinary questions concerning the human-environment issue and more specifically the use of ecosystem services as paradigm. He has been a contributor to the IPCC in many roles and cochairs
the Future Earth project ecoSERVICES

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