Evora’s Team (Portugal)

Maria Helena Guimarães (Principal Researcher of Divercrop) has been working since 2009 with participatory approaches mainly in research subjects around natural resource management. In 2016, she started the implementation of a transdisciplinary research process around the sustainability of agro-silvo-pastoral systems, mainly the montado in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Particular work has been developed on systems approaches to sustainability issues and the integration of social-ecological frameworks in a search for increasing the resilience levels, the provision of ecosystems service and policy design. Her dedication to inter- and transdisciplinarity research led her work to focus not only on natural resource management but also on how to improve the expression and quality of this type of research within academia.

Teresa Pinto-Correia has been working in recent years in the assessment of farm management typologies and the factors leading to stronger or weaker articulation between farm management and services provisioning. Particular work has been developed on novel farm management paradigms and their resilience levels, as well as their capability to provide multiple services in different ways. This field ofwork is strengthened with the analysis of the combination between attitudes and behavior in farmer’s choices, making it possible to grasp tensions, conflicts, and targeted policy needs, for each farm system and farmer type. Further, she has experience on participatory methods for the discussion of agriculture scenarios and policy needs, integrating different stakeholders at different scales, linking research to practice.

Nuno Guiomar is a Biophysical Engineer, MSc. in Geographic Information Systems and Science, PhD researcher in Environmental Sciences. Research on landscape modelling, landscape evaluation, fire management, landscape change and related drivers, and disturbance effects in Mediterranean agroforestry systems at multiple scales.



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