Conceptual framework

A multi-scale approach:

We assume that agricultural and species diversity are mainly related to spatial dynamics of the surrounding socioecological systems (local level) and to the main ecological and anthropogenic trends at higher scales (WMB level), linked to landscapes composition and socioecological dynamics. In this sense a multi-scale approach is needed in order to highlight the existing land system trajectories of changes.


With the articulation of global and local scales:

The link between the local and the global is done primarily through the identification and understanding of farm systems and of the local ability to develop food systems, and the way they are reacting to global drivers of change. The linkage will also be done through the participatory work, as the local stakeholders will be confronted with the global drivers produced at WMB scale, and will need to refer to them in their visions and
pathways for the territory. Finally, some scenarios at WMB scales will be built and mapped applying knowledge of local reactions of people and land systems on WMB land use patterns, species and food demand.