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Claude Napoléone is a senior scientist centered on regional science issues. After a practical experience in land policy in agricultural and state institutions, his researches were devoted to interactions between agricultural areas and urban sprawl and a valuation of housing driver’s location in order to assess location effects on agriculture and nature. Formally, his research fields are land use drivers and tools for public management of land use change, economics and politics of land use change, natural and agricultural resources management, interdisciplinary analysis of anthropogenic influences on natural and agricultural spaces. He was the head of the INRA research team Ecodéveloppement from 2008 to 2013 and he has different experience on participating to international research programs (EU FP7 CLAIM) and on coordinating of national research program (Bio-2M in DIVA2 program, OTM in DGUHC program, program “Du marché foncier à la lecture paysagère » in « Politique Publique et Paysage » program, « Etude des interactions entre dynamique des prix fonciers et stratégies des acteurs en Périurbain” in PIREE program, »Evaluation des vulnérabilités en zone périurbaine sensible aux incendies de forêt” in a French program devoted to the risk analysis, ANR DAUME project 2011-2015).

Marta Debolini is a researcher at INRA that focuses her research on land system modeling, multitemporal analysis of agricultural landscapes and spatial statistic. She participates to different international programs and she was awarded by Columbia University for her project ““Land management and land use conflict resolution in peri‐urban areas: A geo‐agronomic perspective”.

Michel Mouléry  is an engineer in spatial analysis and Information technology (Msc) .His research are based on land use change and land cover change in relationships with the agriculture. He works in Inra in the  ecodeveloppement unit. He has additional skills in geographic database building, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing (Landsat and SPOT data), landscape analysis using landscape metrics and statistics (R). He participated to the ANR DAUME project 2011-2015, where he has co-managed a working group on landscape dynamics. He works also in the Claim EU FP7 Project 2012-2015 and today other research projects (LIFE Pastoral, Provide etc..). He managed, helped Masters Degrees, Phd in differents research projects since 2010. See his page on researchgate.

Leonith Hinojosa (PhD, University of Manchester) has an interdisciplinary background that combines Economics and Human Geography. She is a research fellow at the Earth and Life Institute, Catholic University of Louvain. Over the last 10 years, her research has covered a wide range of topics in Ecological Economics and Development Geography. Her recent projects have focused on the dynamics of land use change and its linkages with social resilience to environmental and economic change, socioenvironmental conflicts and water security. She is currently undertaking research on these topics in the French and Austrian Alps, Ecuador and Peru.

Johanna Fusco (Phd, INRA AVignon)

Rosalia Filippini (31 years old) after the Master Degree in Economy from the University of Parma (Italy) in 2009, in 2011 she was at European Commission in DG Agriculture and Rural Development as trainee, working on the mid-term evaluation of rural development programs. From 2012-2015 she has done a joint PhD in Lansdcape Agronomy between the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa (Italy) and Agroparistech(France). Her PhD work concerned the integration between the periurban farming system and the local food system, adopting a multiscale perspective. She is now in post-doc at UMR Métafort –
AgroParisTech. Her research interests are related to the analysis on periurban farming systems, local food systems with specific concerns on the impact on territorial dynamics of the different stakeholders.

Esther Sanz Sanz works currently as a planner in the development of tools to integrate peri-urban agricultural land use in urban planning by the means of landscape metrics and indices. In this field, her research focuses on spatially-explicit modelling of agriculture under urban influence at town and regional levels. She is a 3nd year PhD student in urban studies (EHESS, France) and geography (UAM, Spain) and she holds a master and B.A. in architecture and urban planning (UPM, Spain) as well as a master in social sciences and territorial development (EHESS, France). She has more of ten years of professional experience as an architect and urban planner, and has participated in several development programs.

Sylvie Lardon is a senior scientist at INRA and associate professor at AgroParisTech. She is coresponsible of two Masters Degrees in territorial development. She carries out research on territorial engineering, in partnership with agricultural actors, socio-economic organizations and policy-makers. Her research focuses mainly on the development and use of qualitative spatial models to build shared visions and improve actors’ participation in territorial projects. In a research-education-action platform, she opens the way to new modes of governance of territories and the accompanying of the stakeholders in the change. Since 2004, she has edited more than ten books on these topics and she has supervised eightPhD students (two ongoing). Since 2007, she has co-organised the four winter or spring schools in Landscape and Territory Agronomy at Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies (Pisa, Italy). She is coresponsible of the WP “Territorial prospective” for the French ANR DAUME Project 2011-2015 and of the
WP “Partnership and co-building principles” for the Era-Net Ruragri TASTE project 2013-201

Chanel O., Delattre L., Napoléone C. (2014) Determinants of local public policies for farmland preservation and urban expansion: a French illustration, Land Economics, vol. 90/3.

Marraccini E. Debolini M, Mouléry M, Abrantes, Bouchier A, Chéry Jp, Sanz Sanz E, Sabbatini G, Napoleone C. (2015). Are there common features in land cover and pattern changes in West Mediterranean urban regions? Applied Geography, vol 62, pp. 347-356 DOI: 10.1016/j.apgeog.2015.05.004

Debolini M., Schoorl J.M., Temme A., Galli M., Bonari E. (2013) Changes in Agricultural Land Use Affecting Future Soil Redistribution Patterns: A Case Study in Southern Tuscany (Italy). Land Degradation & Development:n/a-n/a. DOI: 10.1002/ldr.2217.

Sanz Sanz, E., Napoléone, C., Hubert, B., & Mata, R. (in press). “Caractérisation et cartographie de l’agriculture péri-urbaine: vers une méthodologie opérationnelle pour la planification territoriale.” RERU Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine.

Lardon, S. and S. Loudiyi (2014). “Agriculture et alimentation urbaines : entre politiques publiques et initiatives locales ». Géocarrefour 2014/1 ,Vol. 89.

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