Summary of WP4 training week in Évora – 9 to 13 of April

On the second week of April the WP4 training week was held in Évora. The goals of the training week was to discuss and tune WP4 methodology, mainly in regards to task 4.1, and to learn how to apply task 4.2 methodology designated Territory Game.

Most DIVERCROP teams participated in the event and were able to discuss and test WP4 methodological approach in a real application. Therefore, the training week comprised theoretical content and practical application.

The practical application was developed in collaboration with the HNV-LINK project ( by focusing it in Sítio do Monfurado, one of the Learning Areas of the HNV-LINK project.

The program (attached) of the first day started with a review and update of all DIVERCROP WPs followed by the preparation of the field trip of the second day.

Preparing the Territory Game

The field trip to Herdade do Freixo do Meio ( had the participation of several local actors that joined the visit to the property, and were later interviewed to test the script in preparation for task 4.1 (WP4).

The Field trip

On the third day, the information gathered during the field trip was collectively reviewed and followed by a detailed explanation of the territory game.


In the morning of the fourth day, the practical application of the Territory game was prepared and after a nice lunch, to which all players and organizers were invited, the actual game was played. The workshop counted with the participation of 12 Sítio de Monfurado actors, ranging from public administration, research institutions, producer’s associations, and non-governmental organizations. The territory game served the purpose of: (i) developing a diagnosis of the present situation of Sítio de Monfurado, (ii) detailing a vision and (iii) drawing strategies to attain such a vision, all these tasks performed with a spatial representation and driven by the question – Which types of farming could exist in Sitio de Monfurado for the preservation of biodiversity and food security?

In the last day, a review of the Territory Game was carried out, including the data analysis process.

The training week was closed with the definition of plans for the future.


The program is here on WP4 TRAINING WEEK Program

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