RNAM’S team (Algeria)

The team ADDYME (Planning, Development, Dynamics of Earth and Environment) belongs to RNAMS Laboratory. The team listed its shares in a context emphasizing the concept of sustainable development, considered under the double aspect of man’s relationship with nature and with the dynamics of space, while ensuring rational management of resources Natural and ecosystem conservation. Its expertise spans the life sciences, human sciences and engineering sciences, applied to the management of natural resources and societies, water and agriculture, as well as land. ADDYME The team also provides training through research (graduate students and post-graduate Master, state engineer, Magister and Doctorate). His themes are included in a multidisciplinary approach: Urban Management and Sustainable Development; Biodiversity, ecology and management of wetlands High Plains of Constantine; Cities, territories and Environment.

Role of partner in the project: The Algerian team will contribute at WP4 and 5 and organize the field studied sampled in the country.

Bouchemal Salah, professor, he chairs the Scientific Advisory Board since 2007. He was Head of RNAMS Laboratory and currently leads the research team ADDYME. His major concern is life in the countryside and their upheavals and thorough investigations into the peasantry. It was followed by several publications on these aspects, as well as his involvement in group work particularly in the context ANR kind of international projects as such ANR DAUME 2011-2015, by focusing on the peri-urban agriculture in Africa, to share their responses to the socio-economic vulnerabilities and their integration into markets. On aspects related to human relations to his environment, he led several national projects, CNEPRU type, like the one that focused on the development of the Algerian steppe, and the asset management of the environment, or by integrating with a research team belonging to the Centre for Research on the Dry Areas (CRSTRA Biskra).

Abdelkader KHIARI is professor at the University Larbi Ben M’hidi in Oum El Bouaghi. He is the head of the RNAMS laboratory. Ha has a Phd in geology sciences and work on natural hazards, water flows and the environmental planning. He has coordinated many research projects and has some academic publications on international peer journals.

Ouassila BENDJABALLAH, architect and urban planner, she is teacher-researcher since 2004 at the University Larbi Ben M’hidi in Oum El Bouaghi, at the Institute of Urban Management Techniques and the Faculty of Earth Sciences and the Architecture, she is a member of ADDYME team partner in the project ANR/DAUME sustainability of urban Agricultures in the Mediterranean. His works has been published in 2013 in Cahiers Agriculture. His research has allowed him to have a thorough knowledge of the problems of land ownership in Algeria and understand the use of strategies or devolution of land available to owners in suburban areas.

CHIBANE Nasserdine

TAÏB Lyes 

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